Alligator Fold Watch Straps


The Alligator Fold Watch Straps include an extra piece of leather folded over the lugs, making the strap thicker where it meets the case, similar to a padded strap design. The added thickness of the strap makes the transition from the case to the strap more gentle.

No two Alligator Straps are ever the same.  Every Alligator strap is created from a different part of the alligator skin. You can make sure that no other watch strap is quite like yours.  The leather texture is unique on every strap.

We focus to create the small things unforgettable. The strap is hand stitched with a unique technique, and every detail is entirely made by hand.

We only use the finest Alligator leathers in the industry. 

The thread used to sew the Alligator Strap is made of flax and treated with wax to ensure maximum strength and longevity.

We also offer a wide range of lining leathers to choose from.

For full size images of the leathers and threads, please visit Our Materials page.

If you need help with sizing please visit our Watch Straps Size Guide page.

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