We only use the finest leathers available

Alligator Leathers

Our alligator leather comes from the Mississippi Alligator. The skin offers a matte finish and a unique pattern. The alligator leather allows us to create even more unique objects. Objects that has no rival.


Alligator Leathers - Round Scale

The alligator round scale leather has a unique and different pattern, especially because it’s made of the flank skin. It comes from the Mississippi Alligator.


Ostrich Leathers

The Ostrich Leg Leather is extremely durable and comes from South Africa. Every Ostrich Leg Leather has a distinct pattern.


Calf & Goat Leathers

The leathers are sourced from centuries-old French tanneries where the skins are treated and processed to the very highest and most exacting standards.



The thread used to sew our watch straps is made of flax and treated with wax to ensure maximum strength and longevity.


*Due to the monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.