My name is George and I am the owner and craftsman of Genteel Handmade. I am  having a passion for watches and craftsmanship and I did my best to create a team that shares the same passions.

In this modern world in which we live, almost everyone cuts corners and creates products that are untouched by human hands, have no personality or uniqueness at all, and which are intentionally designed to break or fail within a very short period of time.

We want to offer more than just a „cookie-cutter” product. Our main goal here at Genteel Handmade is to let you wear unique, full-of-personality watch straps that will last a lifetime which perfectly match your specific needs and individual personality.

Being inspired by the perfection and the attention to details involved in the design of watches, we try, in our turn, to reach perfection through the watch straps we create.  Your watch deserve a watch strap created with the same attention to details as the watch itself was created.

We took customization to the whole new level.

First of all, our purpose is to create unique watch straps that will become part of your everyday life. Handcrafted watch straps  have particular uniqueness, with a subtle difference from one product to another. We wish to create watch straps that will match with  your character and fit your timepiece perfectly. That’s why we offer you the freedom to customize absolutely every detail of the watch strap. You design it and we craft it for you.

 Timeless craftsmanship

We only use traditional techniques and exceptional materials. The lifetime of a watch strap crafted, sewed and finished by hand is irrefutable. We add passion and emotions in every watch strap that we create.  The attention to details is our priority.  We believe that small details can make a big difference.


Be part of our journey.