One of the most common queries I receive from my clients is with regards to the best way to match their timepiece with a leather strap. From my experience, today i will answer to this question in more detail.

 I think we all agree that a watch is the main accessory that a man wear and it tells more about him than any other accessory. The watch stand out more than anything and is the best way to express his style and personality, especially when the watch is paired with a matching custom leather strap.

 A custom watch strap can define the look and feel of any watch and can make all the difference in the world.  Changing the watch strap Is the best way to redesign your watch and probably to transform it into a whole new watch.

 From my experience, I can recommend to you some tips and tricks regarding your choice for the perfect watch strap. Of course these are not rules, are some recommendations.

  • The easiest way to match a leather strap with your watch is to match it with the dial. For example if the color of the dial is blue, a blue leather strap will fit perfectly. 

In case you prefer a little bit of contrast,  you can choose any shade of blue leather.  But if you prefer a rich contrast, choose any other, excepting the color of the dial (in our case blue). Blue dials tend to also match absolutely perfect with brown leather straps. Actually it’s one of my favorites combination.

For a white or silver dial, the lighter shades of any leather color tend to match well, but also a good option is to choose a black leather strap.

 For a black dial, any leather color will match. If you don’t prefer any contrast, choose a black leather strap. 

  • Another great way to match a leather watch strap with your watch is to match it with the hands and markers of your timepiece. For example, for a black dial watch with brown markers, you can choose a brown leather strap.

  • What about the thread & lining color?

 For a perfect match with your watch, the leather should be the same color with the dial, and the thread should be the same color with the markers and/or hands.

In case the colors of your dial & markers or hands are too contrasting, it will probably be too much to do that. Instead, you can choose the same thread color as the leather or slightly different shades.

If you prefer a really subtle look, you can choose a leather and thread color that matches with the dial and lining color that matches with the hands or markers.

  • Let’s assume that we finish matching the strap with the watch. Now, it will be great if we can match it with your accessories and outfits. Probably everyone knows that the color of the watch strap, belt and shoes must match.

Also take a look on your wardrobe. Is there a predominant color? If the predominant color is green for example, then you know the answer.   Of course, it is not necessary the colors to be the same.  Different shades will also match.

  • The most important thing is to match it with your personality. “The rules are made to be broken” (with some exceptions). Every time I encourage my customers to try new things. Just go with what makes you happy. So choose wisely, choose well, and then just enjoy it!

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful.