Alligator Card Holder


The leather texture is unique on every Card Holder. No two Genteel Handmade Alligator Card Holders are ever the same.  Every Card Holder is created from a different part of the alligator skin. With an enormous range of personalisation to choose from, it is unlikely you will ever see another Card Holder quite like yours. The Genteel Handmade Card Holder is an expression of your unique personality.

The attention to details is our priority. The Card Holder is hand stitched and every detail is hand finished. It is made entirely by human hands. 

We offer you hundreds of possibilities. Choose from a wide range of Leather and Threads.

The design is classic, elegant and minimalist. It has 4 credit card slots.

For full size images of the leathers and threads, please visit Our Materials page.

After one year from your purchase, we offer to recondition your Bespoke Card Holder. We will contact you after exactly one year from your purchase and we will take care of every detail. Read More About Card Holder Reconditioning.

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