Cognac Rothko Limited Edition Watch Straps (15 pieces)


Limited Edition 15 pieces

The Rothko Shell Cordovan Limited Edition Watch Straps collection is dedicated to Mark Rothko and his remarkable paintings. The Cognac Rothko Watch Strap is only available in a limited edition of 15 pieces.

Mark Rothko is considered one of the most important artists of his period. He is closely associated with the New York School, a group of painters that emerged in the 1940s as a new collective voice in American art. Throughout his five-decade career, he created a revolutionary and impassioned form of abstract painting.

Every watch strap is hand made and unique, so please use the pictures as references, your actual watch strap might look differently in terms of colour shade. 

The Rothko Shell Cordovan Limited Edition leather is one of the most durable leathers in the industry.

Shell cordovan is a vegetable-tanned leather which means that the straps are exceptionally durable and age very well. Every shell cordovan watch strap develops a very unique patina over time reflecting its wearer’s unique style and personality

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