Winter 2022/2023 season leather watch strap colors

As the seasons change, so do our desires. Since the days turn colder, winter colors begins to be a fantastic choice. As you may know, leather is one of the best watch strap material for the Winter season; it feels warm and comfortable on your wrist and it’s easy to match it with your leather Jacket, Belt and Shoes. A new leather strap can completely transform the look and feel of any timepiece and it allows you to create a complete outfit that matches perfectly.

Some of the best leather strap colors we recommend this Winter 2022/2023 season are; Blue, Green, Brown & "Himalaya".

Being subtle and elegant, brown tones are versatile and simple to pair with your timepiece. Brown leather straps go well with Black, Brown and Blue dials. The shades of brown leathers I recommend this season are: Chestnut Buttero Calf, Brown Dollaro Calf, Wallnut Palmellato, Mozzart Chocolate, Brown Barenia and Dark Brown Barenia.


Blue leather tones may very well be matched with blue dials, but, in my opinion, they look even better with brown dials.
The Blue leather straps I recommend for the winter 2022-2023 season are:
Navy Blue calf, Blue Alligator and Blue Ostrich Leg.

Green, a color that inspires serenity and security, is a very versatile color. I believe that the Light Green Palmellato Calf and Dollaro Green Calf leathers will compliment any timepiece.


 “Himalaya” alligator color is very stylish and is a fantastic choice for the winter season. I recommend pairing it with white or black dials, but of course, this cold tone can be matched with almost anything.

 Whether you are as excited as I am to embrace the winter season and transform your watch or you’re not a seasonal watch strap wearer at all, I hope you enjoyed seeing these leather strap ideas. That being said, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you also tend to lean towards the winter leather strap tones these cooler months?

Leave your thoughts in the comments down below, and let me know which leather strap colors you’re excited to wear this winter season!

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